wow! that’s the whole first chapter. wow. it’s been almost a whole year since I started, and it feels good to reach this point, as humble as it is. I hope you’re all as excited to continue seeing Farah’s adventures as I am to continue writing and illustrating them!

Galanthus will be on hiatus for the next several weeks (around 6-8 weeks, if all goes well), while I work on the next chapter! I’d like to have it all done in one go this time, if I can, for both buffer/schedule and consistency reasons. there will be super excellent guest art by a number of super excellent artists for that hiatus, though! one illustration a week, and they’re all fantastic. look forward to it, and to the super cool and gay next chapter. the cast page will also have all the crew’s profiles on it within the next two days!

see y’all soon!