Double update! In case you have not seen my posts on Tumblr and tweets on Twitter, I am currently switching from the regular Wednesday update schedule to an “update when I have time” schedule. My semester is really busy so far, so I can’t reliably commit to a regular update schedule. That said, I still want to update one page a week/two pages every two weeks, and I’ll be aiming for that. It’ll just be a bit irregularly timed!  I don’t know when I’ll be back to a regular update schedule, but I’m thinking this might be until the summer. We’ll see!

I’ll also update the About page to reflect this temporary change.

Also also! I made the lettering a little bit smaller, and am now hand-writing it. (I’m working on going back and hand-lettering previous pages at the same text size as before.)  I’ve asked some people who say they can read the new text just fine, but it’s too small for you to read, send me an ask on Tumblr or @ me on Twitter! I’ll switch back if it’s too small for folks.